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In an increasingly globalized world, we make it easy for your company to communicate with your customers, suppliers and colleagues in over 150 languages. Learn more...


We work with our regional experts from around the world to ensure that your products and content are not just accurately translated but also culturally adapted. Learn more...


With years of experience working with clients from around the world, we deliver quality transcribed multilingual documents on time and to your liking. Learn more...


We offer the highest quality subtitling services for all types of movies, shows and videos, allowing you to share your programming with global audiences.

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At LGO, we’re ready to help you enter the global marketplace. We offer businesses of any size an extensive range of language services: translation, transcreation, software localization, transcription, terminology management, process consultancy, and more. We employ the latest in language service technology to provide you with consistent, top-quality service.

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Neural machine translation post-editing can save up to  50% of your translation budget!

Neural machine translation is the quickest and most accurate method of automated translation. Unlike previous word-by-word systems, NMT is performed at the sentence level, which allows the system to account for context and better translate meaning. However, no automated translation is perfect.


LGO is at the front of the field, training NMT post-editing specialists to make machine translation read as if it were written by a human. Interested in how NMT can benefit your project? Visit our NMT Post-Editing page or get a quote now!


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