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Looking for a break from the quarantine blues? Check out the “Actual Fluency” podcast with Kris Broholm! Even the biggest podcast skeptic will find themselves engrossed with Kris’s interview with experts, polyglots, and language specialists about a plethora of topics language nerds will love. There are over 120 shows and counting, exploring topics like the intersection of programming and language learning, women in language, translation, pidgins, creoles, multilingual teaching, and more.

While Actual Fluency fits the bill for linguistic nerds, there are other podcasts for those seeking to learn a new language. These programs focus on learning methodologies and clever strategies, helping you think about your current approach to language learning and how to improve upon it. Then there are of course the classic language learning podcasts that teach you how to speak and understand your target language. Podcasts like these often resemble classroom-based and video-based lessons and sometimes come with additional resources like transcripts and vocabulary tools. Some popular ones to check out in this last category include News in Slow and Coffee Break. If you’re looking to learn Spanish, Duolingo Spanish and Spanish Obsessed might be up your alley.

Whether you want more practice listening and speaking your target language, want ways to train your brain, or simply want to sit back and enjoy intriguing conversation there is a language podcast out there for you!

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