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Multilingual Training and eLearning Translation

Experts in all things eLearning translation and localization

eLearning and Education

In our international world, bilingual education and training services are becoming increasingly common. Educators in this industry require the best translations to communicate effectively with global learners and bridge any communication gap. Our services aim to help you bring knowledge to your employees and students around the world.

Common eLearning and Documents we localize:

  • Training Modules and Websites

  • Certification and assessment programs

  • Classroom-based instruction materials

  • Powerpoint and Multimedia presentations

  • Audio scripts and voiceovers

  • Training and certification programs

  • New employee orientations

eLearning Localization Expertise

In a global business environment, the localization of eLearning materials is extremely important for training new team members and future professionals. LGO eLearning localization teams have years of experience localizing eLearning projects. Our team is made up of expert education specialists, teachers and DTP experts.

Each translator is hand picked for every project based on language, region and subject matter. Our educational translators have extensive academic and practical experience in addition to years of experience in translation. We also encourage you to share your glossaries and TMs if available to ensure  consistency across all documents. If you do not have a glossary yet, we will create one for you!

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