Product descriptions, user reviews, customer support: all essential content to translate in order to reach your global consumer. However, the nature of multilingual search engine optimization and localized product information make eCommerce translation a difficult business. LGO is here to help.


In eCommerce, word-for-word translation is next to useless. Your global customers are searching for a specific keyword or phrase that might not be immediately evident to a linguist without multilingual keyword research.


Our team will guide you through instances when it’s best to leave product or brand names untranslated, as well as offer creative translations of tag-lines when appropriate.

Translation Memory

Between product names, short descriptions, and long descriptions, there are many repetitions across eCommerce translation projects. LGO leverages Translation Memory to apply past translations across all your projects, saving you time and money.

Project-specific services

LGO is flexible to comply with all your project needs, from character limits to stylized target audience voicing.

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Leveraging eComm MTPE Strategies

Product specs and user reviews are the perfect opportunities to reduce translation costs with Machine Translation Post-Editing. Check out our MPTE eBook to learn more!

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