Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order through the Customer Portal?

After clicking “Order Now” on the LGO Translations’ website, there are four steps to submit an order through the self-serve customer portal.

Step 01: Enter Your Project Details

  • Upload Material– Type or paste the content that you want to translate OR drag and drop your project file from your computer.
  • Select Languages – Choose the Source Language in the first drop-down menu. In the next drop-down menu, choose one or more Target Languages.
  • Select Subject Matter – Choose your project topic in the drop-down menu.
  • Click Continue.

Step 02: Set Up Pricing

  • Choose your solution – Choose your preferred translation service and pricing solution from these three options: Economy, Standard, and Premium.
  • Choose your delivery date
    • Auto – The default delivery date.
    • Rush Delivery – Choose this delivery option to fit your schedule. Based on your service delivery date, your order cost will be calculated.
  • Order Summary – Here, you can find the order summary details such as Total Word Count, Source and Target Languages, Delivery Date, and Order Total. Review this section to ensure you input all information correctly.
  • Click Continue.

Step 03: Enter Order Details

  • Project Name – Enter your project name.
  • Notes for the translation team – Specify any comments you would like to share with the translation team that may be pertinent to the localization of your material.
  • Choose the tone of voice– Is your content supposed to be silly and educational? Or serious and argumentative? Specify here.
  • Add reference file – Attach any reference files you may have, including multilingual glossaries, style guides, or product images.

Step 04: Check Out

Before submitting your order, you need to verify your account and company name. Add your billing address and payment information.

Click Pay Now.

Your order has been submitted! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at

Is there a minimum order size?

  • While there is no minimum word count for and order through the portal, we maintain a $70 per language quote minimum. This is to support and fairly compensate our expert linguists throughout the eight step translation and proofreading process. However, as a smaller Language Service Provider, we can offer custom invoicing solutions for our enterprise account customers. This can include bundling all small projects into a monthly invoice, or waiving the $70 minimum for small projects with a lot of target languages. Reach out to to see if we can help tailor a unique pricing solution for you.

What are the differences between the quality tiers?

    • We offer three levels of service: Light Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE), Full MTPE, and Human Translation.
    Light MTPE Full MTPE Human Translation
    What is it? Light MTPE involves a linguist proofreading Machine Translated text for lexical and syntax errors, but not for any level of fluency. Full MTPE goes beyond Light MTPE in that after correcting for lexical and syntax errors, linguists review flow and fluency of the automated translation. As the name suggests, Human Translation is translation by a linguist unaided by machine translation. However, professional translators leverage translation technologies to implement glossaries and auto-populate repetitions, saving you money.
    Use Case This is a good fit when you simply need to understand a technical document. Light MTPE should only be considered for files to be used internally. Full MTPE is a great cost-effective option for any files with direct language and repetitions, such as technical documents, e-commerce listings, and internal corporate communications (unless they are very colloquial). Human Translation is fit for any project, as it is the highest quality multilingual service offered. However depending on your budget and project, you could get incredibly similar results from Full MTPE.
    Poor fit For any materials that are directed towards clients or employees, we suggest going with Full MTPE or Human Translation Full MTPE isn’t suited for content in need of localization, such as marketing campaigns, client-facing communications, and websites. The only restriction on Human Translation is the slightly higher cost. However, for any localization project, this is justified by the better quality end-product.

How can I get my translation completed sooner?

  • When selecting your delivery date, choose the option Rush Order. You can expedite your translation services for projects up to 30,000 words for a $0.02/word surcharge.Need it sooner than the Rush date? Contact us at to see if we can accommodate your request.

How can I translated unsupported file types?

  • While our portal only supports the files mentioned above, LGO can work with any file format. Please get in touch with us at to get a quote for your project!

Can you maintain the layout of my document?

  • In short: yes! We offer a post-translation service called Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP). Since languages vary in structure, what neatly fits on one page in your source language might run one and a half pages in the target language. After translating your content, our team of DTP experts works hard to ensure that your target document looks as striking as the original. We work with all design software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Powerpoint, Acrobat, and more!

How are our services different from other providers?

  • LGO goes above and beyond simple translation services by providing our clients with the added value that comes with working with a global business partner. When you work with us, you’re hiring more than just a top-quality translator; you’re hiring a team of language experts, project managers, and graphic designers. This means that once you send us confirmation, we handle everything from pre-project terminology management to post-translation editing and desktop publishing. We designed this portal for you, our valued customers, to facilitate the translation process and get your project going in a matter of minutes.

Can you translate my website, software or application?

  • Yes, we can! We are working on features to enable instant quoting on the portal now and are looking forward to rolling it out in future iterations. In the meantime, please drop us a line at to get a quote on your project. We have a wealth of experience culturally adapting content to meet end-user expectations, from marketing and eCommerce websites to software and app localization.

How do you evaluate quality?

  • Our language teams implement an eight step translation workflow to ensure high-quality translations the first go-around.First, our team reviews your project for purpose, target audience, format, and all linguistic assets. Then the file is passed to the first linguist, who translates the text into the target language (TL). This first linguists then edits their own work by comparing source text to target text. This edited file is then sent to a second linguist for proofreading, and then to a graphic designer for formatting. With the proofread file in its final typeset, the formatted file is put through one last round of in-context quality assurance.After delivery, we are always happy to take your feedback to improve the delivered translation! Just reach out to

How do I get support in case of a translation quality concern?

  • Languages are tricky because there are so many ways to say the same thing as dictated by linguistic preference. If you have concerns, please drop us a message at

When do I need to pay?

  • If you are submitting your project through the portal, we require payment before beginning work. Check back soon for pay-after-delivery and monthly invoicing options! If you would like to discuss monthly billing options or pay after delivery, please reach out to us at

What payment methods to you accept?

  • We accept all major debit and credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, as well as ACH transfer.

How can I translate video content?

  • We are improving the functionality of our portal to begin supporting drag & drop of your video files and links to your YouTube or Vimeo videos. Please check back soon for this update!For the moment, please get in touch with us at for a quote on your subtitling or voice-over project.

What is the best way for me to send over large files?

How do I ensure that our brand’s voice is taken into consideration when translating?

  • If you have a Style Guide, please include it in the reference files section of the portal. No Style Guide? Let us help! Check out our Style Guide eBook. Otherwise, please fill out all the questions on the portal order page to ensure we know your target audience, voice, and style before submitting your order.

I need to translate my driver’s license and provide it to the BMV/DMV. Can you help?

  • Absolutely! Please refer to our Driver’s License Translation eBook.We provide translated driver’s licenses on company letterhead and certificates of translation as needed by the US DMV. Upon payment of the $70 invoice, we’ll deliver your order in 24 hours!

Do you provide a Certificate of Translation Accuracy with driver license translation services?

  • Yes, included in the $70 driver’s license translation fee is a certificate of translation including the following information:
    • Translation agency letterhead
    • Assurance that the translation is complete and accurate
    • Statement of translator competency
    • Statement that the translation has not been done for a friend, family member, or business associate
    • Translator signature, email, address, and date of translation