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Ready To Take Your Game Global?

Easily make your game available in different languages to reach a larger global audience

Video Game Localization

The gaming industry is bigger than ever, thanks to rapid international expansion. To capture these ever-growing markets, you need clear and concise localization services tailored to your customers' needs.

Video game localization  is the process of translating game text, audio, and images to make is accessible and culturally suitable to a target audience. Our professional and experienced translators work around the clock to ensure that the message of your game shines through, no matter what language it is played in.

Our Services Provide:
  • Localization of all user interface, graphics, script, and documentation components

  • Comprehensive and customizable quality control processes

  • Utilization of Translation Memory technologies for consistency and cost savings

  • Online QA and game testing as required by our clients

  • Client review and approval opportunities at key stages in the process

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