Taking Your Content Global

A step beyond translation, localization is the process of culturally adapting content by modifying the text and images to meet end-user expectations.

Our Services

Marketing Localization

Our marketing experts will help you rethink your branding strategy and take your content global.

Website Localization

From localizing user interface to quality assurance and web testing, we’ve got you covered.

App Localization

App stores are swamped with content, so consumers will not waste their time on products not geared towards them. Our services will broaden your customer pool.

Video Game Localization

We make sure that the humor and emotion of your game don’t get lost in translation and are appropriately adapted.

eCommerce Localization

With almost half of Internet users sticking to websites in their mother tongue, it’s time to translate your online store to reach a larger customer pool.

Software Localization

We ensure that the user-visible components of your software, from UI to documentation, are all culturally and legally adapted.

Helping You Meet End Expectations

  • Images and Graphics

  • Social Etiquette

  • Humor (jokes, slang, idioms)

  • Cultural Values (politics, relationships, beliefs)

  • Units of Measurement

  • Currencies

  • Date and Time Formats

  • Linguistic Content (Spelling, Word Usage)

Creating Organic Engagement Just Got Easier

LGO leads the industry in creating creative and eye-catching localization solutions. Let our regional language experts help you communicate your brand’s identity to the world.

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