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Neural Machine Translation


The man-made decision to use a machine the right way

Neural Machine Translation Post-Editing

Since the invention of computers, perfect machine translation has been a seemingly impossible dream. Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has brought that dream closer to reality. By building and training a single neural network, NMT provides a better, more fluent translation than older statistical models. However, no machine-generated translation is perfect.

LGO is leading the industry in neural machine translation post-editing. NMT translates on a sentence-by-sentence basis, so flow and fluency can be lost while content and meaning remain. For this reason, we offer a range of affordable editing options for the many types of projects you may have.

Savings of Machine Translation

While it's a common misconception that NMT cuts the cost of translation completely, it does minimize the amount you need to pay for quality, high-speed translations. Your savings depend chiefly on the quality of your source text. We recommend NMT be used primarily for technical materials with short sentences and standard vocabulary. Depending on how clean your source text is, you can expect to save between 30 to 50% of your translation budget.

FAQs on Machine Translation

New systems can be confusing, we get that. Check out our FAQs below to read up on neural machine translations and to see what LGO can do for you. Have any additional questions? Take a look at our blog posts about machine translation and post-editing.

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